You won’t see what I’ve become

“The Beast Collective has recently completed one of their largest outdoor installations to date, in the countryside of Emilia, North Italy. Entitled “You won’t see what I have become”, this giant piece is an unauthorized 6 x 18 meters paste-up on one of the bridge’s pillars that connect the industrial area to the rural one, a metaphorical location to place this portrait of Mikhail Gorbachev. The 90’s Russian Prime Minister has been a bridge between two eras, bringing his people from communism to the capitalist system, and in the same way the Italian artistic collective placed him at the center between two areas. With their provocative collages, the Beast Collective deconstruct well-known faces of politics and the world of entertainment, recreating scenarios to the limit of veracity. All of their artworks are made by hundred of layers taken from the photographic archive, in order to create a new image, a “true fake” that however false, it may seem plausible to the viewer’s eye.”

Christie Bailey | Street Art News.

Throw out the map Vol. III | Emilia, Italy | February 25th | 2020.

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