God knows I’m weak – III

Here is the third chapter of a new street art series dedicated to pictorial works with a religious background, from the early Middle Ages to the eighteenth century. After a focused research on paintings of the main European museums, our intent is to bring to new light these artworks which have indelibly marked the relationship between people and religious authority, instruments for the propagation of thought through superb mastery. A centuries-long journey has told of the divine, the eternal, the overcoming of earthly life through the idea of ​​forgiveness, of consecration in the afterlife.

God knows I’m weak – SE Vol. III | Emilia – Milan, Italy | July 11th 2024.

Diana | Oil on canvas – by Jules-Elie Delaunay (1828-1891) | Emilia, Italy.

Venere | Oil on canvas – about 1493 by Lorenzo di Credi (1459-1537) | The Uffizi Gallery – Florence, Italy.

Lilith | Oil on canvas – about 1887 by John Collier (1850-1934) | The Atkinson Art Gallery – Southport, England.

Lucrezia Panciatichi | Oil on canvas – about 1541 by Agnolo Bronzino | The Uffizi Gallery – Florence, Italy.

Bacchante with an Ape | Oil on canvas – about 1627 by Hendrick ter Brugghen | J. Paul Getty Museum – Los Angeles, US.

Anne-Marie-Louise Thélusson | Oil on canvas – about 1790 by Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) | Neue Pinakothek – Munchen, Germany.

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