We’re all tied up

French philosopher and author Jean Paul Sartre starred for one day in our latest outdoor piece “It will collide but we are all tied up”.
One of the leading figures of the twentieth century, Sartre investigated the meaning of Being. A research continually faced with diverse possibilities, from among which the human individual must make a selection, to which he must then commit himself. Because those possibilities are constituted by the individual’s relationships with things and with other humans, existence is always a being-in-the-world, in a concrete and historically determinate situation that limits or conditions choice. “Les Mots” is an extraordinary autobiography and reading his thoughts through our current lenses is another way of trying to understand our time. What would he’d written about us today? How would he helped us discern the present? The modernity of his philosophy remains intact, it’s up to us continuing to make it shine through the walls. “It’s not about the old, it’s not about the new, it’s all about the necessary”.

Throw out the map Vol. III | Emilia, Italy | July 5th | 2020.

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